About Technia

  • #1 in knowledge of Product
    Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Core Values

The Technia Brand is comprised of much more than the Technia logotype and corporate collateral and should be relevant to all stakeholders such as current and future customers, employees, partners, suppliers and owners. The key for our brand is the fulfillment of expectations and promises regarding products, services and the resulting business values we create together with our customers and partners.


#1 knowledge company in PLM

Technia defines knowledge as a combination of industry experience, process expertise, project management and technical skills. We continuously seek more productive practices and tools to become and stay world leading in knowledge of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).


Facilitating the future in innovation

As facilitators we will guide our customers and partners to become the future winners by combining their own strengths with our knowledge. For Technia innovation spans the full product lifecycle from ideas to portfolio management, product creation, sourcing, production, sales, marketing, service, after sales and finally recycling and disposal. To achieve success we believe in a combination of best in class and well integrated tools, based on well-defined global processes and designed with an intuitive user interface.


Planet Promise: Continuously improve society with our customers & partners

Technia cares for the next generation. If we guide our customers to develop solutions that will not only lower costs and make processes more efficient but also reduce environmental impact we will all be winners. We work passionately with products that help to improve the environment and life for individuals in industries such as life sciences, transportation, travel, communication, food and beverage and fashion. We commit to a sustainable business by getting all our team members, partners and customers involved in our sustainability work.

Partner Promise: Mutual value creation

For every customer, business partner or supplier Technia seeks to partner with; we commit to a mutually rewarding and value enhancing experience. We always prioritize long-term relationships.

Value Promise: Measurable and sustainable business improvements

Providing measurable and sustainable business improvements is the key objective for all our projects. We work closely with our customers to define and monitor the key performance indicators (KPI´s) to improve their business resulting in higher value of their PLM investments. We are committed to do our utmost to help our customers improve their profit and growth.

People Promise: Inspiring work environment with outstanding opportunities

To create and develop an inspiring work environment with outstanding opportunities, is relevant for the Technia team as well as all people we interact with. We believe in empowering the individual and also in the dynamic power of teamwork. We know that cultural and demographic diversity enhances productivity and creativity in a team; we embrace differences by always being open-minded to new ways of thinking.



For us innovation means being prepared to change and to regard each problem as an opportunity to learn and to be creative.


We always prioritize long-term relationships with employees, customers, partners and suppliers. We actively work with solutions to increase efficiency from a long-term and sustainable perspective.


We are proud of our company’s Nordic heritage. This is most visible in our way of looking for simplicity, good design and functionality in our solutions.


We are a company that is easy to do business with, always searching for the simple and effective way to support our customers.


Passionate Entrepreneurs

Our spirit is expressed through strong entrepreneurship, a true passion for Product Lifecycle Management and by finding new and innovative solutions to complex problems. We believe in the individual and encourage everyone to take initiatives, be creative and driven to achieve more for our customers. We are proud of being among the first in the world to successfully take the PLM concept to new industries such as telecommunication, software, pharmaceuticals, fashion, travel and food and beverage.