• Technia is building a team

    of dedicated software

    development specialists in

    India, who will play a key role in

    our growth strategy.

Work at Technia

In order to live up to our objectives, we need a well-structured organisation. Therefore we are continually focusing on skills development, organisational structures and the continued development of methods and processes for project work and project monitoring. All this helps to ensure that our employees have the space they need for their own personal development and the opportunity to produce high-quality work.

Our customers control the speed at which our projects run. In other words, we expect high-speed activity to be part of our normal working life. We put the emphasis on working effectively and thoughtfully, rather than working long hours. We make great demands on our employees, but in return we also reward both quality and quantity. At the same time we encourage a laid-back atmosphere as part of our company culture. The different social activities which we organise are always very highly rated.

Our company language is English, because we have offices in Sweden, Finland and Norway, with around 200 employees from 15 different nationalities. All of these different cultures, profiles and the wide range of knowledge and experience have a strong influence on the development of our company culture.

Against this background, we are looking for ambitious people who can share in and contribute to our ongoing success. Welcome to Technia's job opportunities!

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Recruitment contact

Per Noreen, Director Employee Success
Direct: +46 733 77 24 00
Please send your CV to:

Technia AB
Box 1141
S-164 22 Kista
Phone: +46 8 599 204 00