PLM Project Services

For companies that implement a PLM solution for the first time, Technia offers PLM Project Services based on the customers’ needs and our experiences. Technia’s method is extremely knowledge-driven and led by industry experts. Each project is normally divided up into four parts:

Business Assessment

To get an overview, we usually start with a brief conceptual phase. We focus on the most important areas and pick the parts of our modularized solution that adds most value to the customer. It may span from approval procedures for construction documents  to marketing authorisation for a medicine. Technia’s business consultants with domain expertise in the industries we operate map out the processes together with the customer.



As functionality is identified and prioritized, we pick the reusable PLM components needed and make the necessary configurations. It is done with agile methods in short steps so that the customer can do tests on the solution as it unfolds.


Change Management

Efforts to prepare the organization for change start early in the project and are intensified when the solution for a business area nears completion. Purpose, targets, processes, roles and responsibilities are clearly staked out. Training new ways to work is crucial. This includes training in new or improved processes and how to use the system, as well as communicating the strategic business value of the PLM project.


Infrastructure and Support

In parallel with system configuration and the staff is educated, the technical environment is prepared. This includes migrating information from existing systems. This is more than just using tools for data conversion. To be successful, it is important to rely on a migration strategy including a roadmap, process and responsibilities for e.g. data quality. When the roll-out is complete, Technia helps out with support and various levels of service. The systems we develop are critical for operations and are usually global. A reliable support system is very important to a company's success.


Services contact

Henrik Edholm
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