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ENOVIA – The Industry's Most Flexible Environment for Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management

ENOVIA for the Industries

ENOVIA addresses companies’ requirements across the full spectrum of product and business processes, from small-scale teams to extended enterprises with many thousands of users. ENOVIA also offers a new level of collaboration, from the most simple to highly engineered complex products and is poised to address a broad range of industry needs.

ENOVIA Portfolio

ENOVIA enables companies to bring together people, processes, content and systems to achieve a compelling competitive advantage. By unifying and streamlining product development processes across the product lifecycle, ENOVIA helps companies easily and cost-effectively to work on projects within and outside of their enterprises.

The adaptable and scalable technology accommodates the ever-changing marketplace at the lowest total cost of ownership and incorporates the proven best practices of some of the world’s most innovative companies. ENOVIA addresses business process needs across a broad spectrum of industries, managing simple as well as highly engineered, complex products.

Deployments can range from small development teams to extended enterprises with thousands of users, including suppliers and partners.

ENOVIA key benefits

  • A single collaborative innovation platform for managing engineering and business intellectual property from users worldwide
  • Online product creation using only a Web connection to perform cross-discipline design and engineering work
  • Ready-to-use industry business processes for managing requirements, programs, product portfolios, regulatory compliance, and sourcing
  • An intuitive user interface for searching information, experience the product, and collaborate in a real-time, immersive 3D environment
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership due to a Service Oriented Architecture, which enables easy business process modeling and integration with other systems

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