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The PLM School - Introduction to Product Lifecycle Management

With the PLM School, we want to focus on a subject that is becoming increasingly important to companies conducting product development and production. Our aim is to contribute to enhancing knowledge in this specialized field and attract greater attention to PLM, even amongst smaller companies.

The PLM School comprises of a series of six articles in Norwegian polytechnic newspaper IngeniørNytt in autumn 2007 and winter 2008.

Topic overview

1. Article 1: Whats is PLM?
2. Article 2: PLM and CAD  
3. Article 3: PLM and ERP/MPS
4. Article 4: Document management and project management 
5. Article 5: Implementation of PLM
6. Article 6: Profitability and benefits 

Definition of PLM

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the management of descriptive product data throughout the entire product lifecycle. A PLM system collects, structures, controls and makes product information available in a standardized and secure manner.