Bioelectromagnetic Simulation: Bridging Medical Imaging, Safety, and Wireless Device Performance

Bioelectromagnetic refers to the study of interactions between electromagnetic fields and the human body. This field is significant in various domains, including medical applications, safety considerations, and the performance of wireless communication devices. Simulation plays an important role in bioelectromagnetic studies due to the limitations of conducting measurements within the human body.

In medical applications, bioelectromagnetic simulation plays a crucial role in both imaging, as seen in techniques like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and therapeutic treatments. When safety is involved, bioelectromagnetic simulation evaluates the potential risks of electromagnetic radiation from sources like cell phones or electric vehicles when in contact with the human body.

Additionally, bioelectromagnetic simulation is also relevant for understanding the wireless communication performance of devices such as smartwatches or wireless headphones, as the presence of the human body will affect the antenna’s performance.

Exploring Electromagnetic Interactions in the Human Body with CST Studio Suite’s Advanced Bio-model Library

With CST Studio Suite, researchers and engineers can examine the interactions between electromagnetic waves and the various tissues and structures within the human body. CST Studio Suite comes with a comprehensive library of bio-models, which includes factors such as age, gender, and size. These high-definition simulation models encompass more than 40 distinct tissues, enclosing elements like blood vessels and nerve fibers. Moreover, the latest models are designed to be poseable, facilitating the setup of scenarios that align with specific research interests and objectives.

Enhancing Safety and Performance with CST Studio Suite’s Full Wave 3D Simulation

When employing full-wave 3D simulation within CST Studio Suite, it becomes feasible to explore and comprehend the impact of the human body on antenna performance, as well as how antennas can affect the human body. This form of simulation offers valuable insights into potential consequences, including energy absorption, heating, and radiation patterns. These insights are pivotal for guaranteeing the safety and optimal functionality of devices that operate in close proximity to the human body.

Additionally, CST Studio Suite includes post-processing templates that facilitate the assessment of pertinent field statistics, enabling calculations such as the determination of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) values.

Antenna Radiation Patterns in Wearable Devices: Impacts and Considerations

The antenna radiation pattern is a crucial factor in antenna design. Typically, we simulate these patterns in open, unobstructed spaces. Nevertheless, the surrounding environment can significantly influence the antenna pattern. Therefore, when creating a wearable device, it’s essential to ensure reliable communication performance not only when worn but also when the device is stationary on the surface or being charged.

In the following instance, we observe a Bluetooth patch antenna positioned near the human body. The below image depicts the simulated antenna radiation pattern and its efficiency concerning the distance between the antenna and the body.

Unleashing Solver Flexibility in CST Studio Suite for Dynamic Electromagnetic Field Analysis

A notable advantage of CST Studio Suite lies in its comprehensive standard license, which encompasses all solvers. This flexibility empowers users to choose the most suitable solver for their specific applications. When utilizing the Time Domain solver within CST Studio Suite, it becomes possible to delve into the dynamic propagation of electromagnetic fields over time.

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