PLM at Koenigsegg

This time last year, we at TECHNIA announced our strategic partnership with Koenigsegg Automotive, the Swedish ultimate performance megacar manufacturer. Together, we’re developing a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) infrastructure that supports the rigors and demands of Koenigsegg’s unique automotive technology business model

Koenigsegg are renowned for their ethos in design and manufacturing. As Henrik Leonhardt, put it in his presentation at the TECHNIA Automotive Spotlight PLMIF, “we don’t compromise, we innovate.”

One aspect of this development project is the use of product data to create a virtual representation of a physical product like an individual machine or equipment. Together with other technologies like sensors, industrial IoT, communications and advanced data analytics, the modern PLM solution works also as a solid foundation for value added services and new business opportunities for the installed base products.

“The deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE was a strategic decision in Koenigsegg’s fast progression towards being a world leader in engineering CAD data quality, collaboration and communication.”

Halldora von Koenigsegg
Chief Operations Officer | Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg’s Digital Twin

The partnership with Koenigsegg applies the concepts of digital twin and digital continuity. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system and the environment it’s contained in. While digital continuity refers to the holistic use of data from a single source.

We’re working together with Koenigsegg to increase the value of their digital investment as they step into the world of digital manufacturing – becoming more sustainable as they do so.

“By using 3DEXPERIENCE, Koenigsegg can reduce many steps within product and process development. In the end, this is a valuable part of sustainability for us.”

Fredrik Karlsson
Group Leader Manufacturing Engineering & Digital Manufacturing Lead | Koenigsegg

Improving Sustainability at Koenigsegg

Today, Koenigsegg can verify and validate products and processes digitally before entering a production phase, which results in fewer physical prototypes, better production quality, and faster time to market. This is an essential part of PLM, affirming the capability of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to dramatically improve engineering efficiency and innovation, and it improves sustainability in many aspects of Koenigsegg’s business.

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Learn more about the Koenigsegg case, and other examples of Digital Twin strategies in the Addnode Group report, “Digital Twins: A Strategic Enabler for Sustainability”.

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