Using a virtual private network to access data on your company network can present challenges while working with large assemblies in SOLIDWORKS, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you maintain efficiency with your remote working design process.


As with CATIA users, your first step will be to identify the license that you’re using. You can do this by accessing the main menu, clicking “Help” > “About SOLIDWORKS” > “Show Serial Number”.

If your serial number begins with 0000, 0001, 9000 or 9001 then you’re using a commercial standalone license. And serial numbers beginning with either 0010 or 9010 are SolidNetwork Licenses (SNL).

Standalone Serial Numbers

Either transfer your license and reactivate on another computer by following the “deactivation” process here. Or manage your standalone license via online licensing to switch association to a user login rather than a specific machine. You can do this by following the guidelines here.

SNL Serial Numbers

Using an SNL license, you’ll log in using your company VPN. However, this usually provides a slower remote connection when working with large assemblies. If you’re working without VPN access, then the best solution is to borrow a license for up to 30 days. This method does have its limitation, so if you’re unable to borrow a license, get in touch so that we can discuss options.

Remote Working With SOLIDWORKS

Certain tasks, such as opening and saving files, can cause your connection to slow down due to the considerable amount of data transferral. Try copying files locally while working on them to avoid connectivity issues. You can then copy the files across to your company server when you’ve completed your task. In this way, you’ll be replicating the process that the SOLIDWORKS PDM software undertakes.

Streamline Your Working Methods

There are several tips for health, productivity and wellbeing that cover all remote working scenarios. But, when remote working with SOLIDWORKS, there are additional considerations to remember. Most of these relate to limiting the strain on your bandwidth. Keep the files your working with locally stored on your computer and only copy the files you need.

Additionally, try to use your break times efficiently to run background tasks such as transferring and saving files. You should also stay in constant contact with your team to avoid replicating tasks.

Join the Digital Pioneers

The SOLIDWORKS Community is a dedicated and vibrant engineering software user group that are coming together now, more than ever, to network and collaborate on global challenges.

Join the digital pioneers at PLMIF Virtual Experience and meet with SOLIDWORKS CEO, Gian Paolo Bassi, online as he discusses the latest developments in the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem and networks with the most passionate CAD Community in the world.


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