SOLIDWORKS 2022 contains new, user-driven enhancements that streamline and accelerate your product development process from concept through manufacture. From assembly performance and workflow to improved electric design and documentation, the latest SOLIDWORKS release is helping you to work together, smarter, and faster than ever before.

Work Smarter

With new processes and feature advancements in assembly and part design, drawing details, simulation, and Product Data Management (PDM), you can make better products in fewer stages. Utilize new parts features such as hybrid modeling and the creation of standardized threaded studs. The shortcut bar, configuration management, integrated messaging, geometric tolerancing, and other user interface changes are just a few of the features available.

Work Faster

When working with large assemblies, importing STEP, IFC, and DXF/DWG files, detailing your drawings, and managing your product data, you can get more done in less time with substantial quality and performance gains. Automatically optimize assembly performance without having to spend time on modes and settings. With increased display responsiveness and quality, enjoy the freedom of SOLIDWORKS’ quickest graphics yet.

Work Together

Connect to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and use its collaborative features to improve creativity and decision-making. By utilizing the capability and diversity of the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, you will find your competitive advantage. These new tools benefit your whole organization in the areas of design and engineering, simulation, production, and governance.

Top 10 Enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2022

The top enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2022 provide improvements to existing products and innovative new functionality:


  • Two new administrative image types give you more flexible deployments.
  • Multiple nested groups reflect your company’s organizational structure.
  • Automatically set up the SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault View after installation.
  • New Electrical options makes it clear what’s being installed and removes non-relevant fields.

Parts and Features

  • Directly edit mesh BREP bodies just like you would a native SOLIDWORKS part.
  • Hole wizard slots now be defined using arc centers or arc tangents, TAB key toggles orientation.
  • Pack & Go can recognize the resultant bodies from the Split Part and Save Bodies commands.
  • Easily section about an axis.
  • Create a stud from and existing cylindrical boss or make one on the fly using stud wizard.

Structure System and Weldments

  • Quickly create multiple secondary structural members from a point.
  • Define and insert connection elements used to bolt members together.
  • Gussets & End caps are no longer just for weldments – now supported in Structural Members.
  • Using mirror across 2 planes reduce the number of mirror features in your part.
  • Now we can edit profiles for flanges created with the circular edge of a non-planar base.


  • When working with Large Design Review Mode, you can now open the corresponding drawing in Detailing mode and any sub assemblies in LDR or Lightweight.
  • New native table type for creating and managing configurations that does not require Microsoft Excel.

Detailing and Drawings

  • Now we can Add Standard Views, Hole Tables, and work faster by opening any year’s Drawings too.
  • Flip between Radius, Diameter, Linear with In Context for circular dimensions. Use TAB key to choose before you place.
  • Symmetric linear diameter dimension type gives cleaner views of complex turned part diameters.
  • A brand new, easier-to-use toolset to document GTOL indicators in the latest industry standards.
  • Flexibility to promote and show Weldment Cut Lists in any type of assembly Bill of Material.
  • Automate creation of Sheet Metal flat pattern and trimetric or dimetric views.


  • IFC files exported from SOLIDWORKS have higher quality.
  • You can now filter and choose which objects to import with IFC files.
  • Support colors for DXF / DWG files created from part files.
  • Import thousands of surface / solid bodies without long delays.


  • Model the behavior of a connecting rod with rigid, pivotal and/or spherical end conditions with this new linkage rod virtual connector. Choose from several different cross sections, Apply dimensions and materials, Solve for shear, axial and bending loads.
  • The Blended Curvature Based (BCB) mesher is now default for SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mesh controls for BCB mesher can now accept mesh coarsening and/or refining outside of the global BCB size range.
  • Solve times for studies with bonded contacts and virtual connectors are reduced by up to 30%.
  • Automatic Solver selection is now available for Frequency, Buckling and Nonlinear study types.
  • Beam Shear Factor now considers the beam’s material and section shape.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Plastics

  • Improved performance of the Cool and Fill analysis modules.
  • For simulations where the Cool analysis takes up a large proportion of the overall solution time, the overall solution time is reduced by at least 20% compared to previous releases.
  • The performance of the Fill and Pack analyses with the Direct solver option is optimized.
  • The overall solution time is reduced by approximately 50% compared to previous releases. For relatively thick parts that are meshed with hexahedral elements, the Direct solver more accurately predicts the inertial effects.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Visualize

  • With match camera, we can seamless align perspectives of 2D background images with 3D geometry.
  • Shadow catcher renders ONLY shadows to enhance realism against 2D backgrounds.
  • Create patterns from single model instances.
  • Scatter pattern can be used to randomize geometry by defining number of instances and bounding box dimensions.
  • Keep animation timelines organized by grouping key framed items.
  • Switch between multiple cameras during an animation is not easy.
  • Output viewer can be used for enhanced details, previews, and output references.


With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022, you can experience improved performance of many file-based operations. You can perform the following actions faster for database servers with high latency:

  • Open files
  • Display the Save As dialog box
  • Copy Tree
  • Create a document in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS PDM has improved performance for the following:

  • Saving a data card with a large number of file extensions is faster by 15% to 60%.
  • Checking in a drawing with a large SOLIDWORKS bill of materials (BOM) is significantly quicker.
  • Displaying files in the Where Used tab with the Show All option and additional custom columns is many times faster for certain vaults.
  • Displaying the Transition dialog box for dynamic notifications is quicker.
  • Loading a Web2 preview is between 1.5 and 2 times faster for large models.

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