What’s New in TECHNIA Software 2021?

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Discover the latest updates and fixes to the TECHNIA Software 2021 Experience Packaged suite

The TECHNIA Software 2021 release includes improvements, updates and resolution of known defects in Value Components (TVC – Classic and Helium mode), Integration Framework (TIF), Light My Way (LMW), CAVA and Lite3D.

Value Components

  • Support for 3DEXPERIENCE 2021x
  • Define the UI online in-app by an admin or by an end-user and share it with others
  • Introduction of Team Management
  • Added advance expression support for columns and charts
  • Bidirectional Drag and Drop support between Helium and TVC/OOTB 3DDashboard widgets
  • Helium table improvements
  • Multi value column support
  • Arrow key navigation for efficient editing
  • Improved update behaviour cell edit
  • Structure browser improvements
  • Invoke service client side and multi service support
  • Improved path and related object columns
  • ‘Sideloading’ of File Manager extension in Microsoft Edge
  • Access control on non-contextual Helium pages

+ New MCAD Optimizer for UPS

  • Set of base configurations for Unified Product Structure (UPS) definition used by CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE & X-CAD PowerBy’ connectors
  • UPS Navigator for context object Physical Product to show structure with related objects like Changes, Documents, Duplicates, Branches or Revisions
  • Search UPS from both 3DSpace & 3Ddashboard without Exalead
  • My Root Products – Engineer homepage

Value Components Launchpads

  • Work with documents in standalone or integrated Helium widget
  • Preview & update details for Requirements Structure at Helium & Classic
  • Create CATIA & X-CAD PowerBy’ data (CATIA V5, Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD) from 3DSpace & 3DDashboard (experiment mode)

Release details

Value Components

Value Components – Helium



Integration Framework

  • Legacy Admin UI removed
  • Enhancements to Job Queues and Services View in Admin UI
  • HTTP destination configuration in destinations file allows password encoding

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Release details

Integration Framework



Light My Way 2021.1

The release includes improvements and resolution of known defects in Light My Way.

Admin Role

  • Update nodes to 14.15 LTS
  • Support for 3DX 2014X
  • Updated configuration schema files
  • Add configuration option to ignore anchors for specific elements


  • Improved callout layout control – positioning of the callout
  • More callout colors are available
  • Hide Callouts while in select mode


  • Reposition on scroll
  • Callout Display preferences
  • Make non-hovered Callouts transparent
  • Hide Group Label in Callouts
  • Truncate non-hovered Callout description
  • Server and WebExtension Version compatibility check

TECHNIA Software Documentation

Release details



CAVA 1.32.4

This release contains support for new versions of automotive standards as well as defect fixes and usability improvements.

New and updated standards:

  • Pedestrian Protection: ECE R-127 Rev.03
  • Child Protection: AUS ADR 34 rev.03
  • Mirror for trucks: Additions to ECE-R 46 rev. 06 and AIS-002 rev. 1


  • Pedestrian Protection – new additions to the latest ECE R-127 rev. 3 standards incorporated.
  • A CAVA user can now easily and quickly create the modified Bonnet Top test area, the new Windscreen test area and new Cowl area according to the latest requirements in the standard.

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Lite3D 2021.1

With the new Lite3D product portfolio 2021.1, TECHNIA meets the needs of many users.

Lite3D is known as a platform for effortless collaboration with lean 3D data on the JT format.

TECHNIA now extends the free version of LiteBox3D with a proprietary reader for STEP AP242ed1 files (ISO 10303-242).

This first version of the reader contains:

  • Support of uncompressed “.stp” files and compressed ASCII-STEP files with the file extension “.stpZ”
  • Reading of tessellated data
  • Reading of monolithic assemblies
  • No support for reading exact geometry (B-REP) and product manufacturing information (PMI)

The reader is a beta version and will be closed in order to meet customer authorizations and contracts. Please contact us for more information.

Furthermore, this major release provides improvements to the user interface, and several new functions for each product.

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