The Customer

CoorsTek is the global leader in high-tech ceramics. With over 50 locations worldwide, CoorsTek manufacture advanced ceramic components for virtually every purpose.

The Challenge

  • Meeting customer, regulatory and ISO requirements
  • Maintaining data security
  • Lack of common processes and systems
  • Lack of central support and scalability

The Solution

A simple, scalable approach to collaborative product development at a global level, based on ENOVIA and using TECHNIA Value Components

Simplified User Experience
Customized Workflows
Customized UI Views
No Custom ENOVIA Coding
“We had a very positive global user response to TECHNIA's Helium (TVC) front end compared with past systems presented to the users. We really found the TECHNIA team to be very experienced and knowledgeable. They were very pleasant and easy to work with and had solutions for every problem we presented.”
Abdullah Hassouneh, Global Quality Senior Business Process Manager (eQMS) | CoorsTek

CoorsTek is a leader in engineered high-tech ceramics, manufacturing over 400 different materials used to make thousands of products.

CoorsTek had a vision of working more efficiently across multiple plants, and analyzing global activity via a single enterprise system with unified processes. So, they turned to the experts at TECHNIA to help deliver a simple, scalable and collaborative approach to global product development.

The Challenge

CoorsTek didn’t really have an enterprise system due to their quick acquisition of companies and a heavy focus on expansion. It was a challenge to meet customer, regulatory and ISO requirements. With no common processes and systems, central support or scalability, security was also an issue.

They required a single configurable enterprise system with unified processes that would enable them to work more efficiently across multiple plants and perform global analysis of plant activity. The solution needed to be scalable, to offer a central support system, provide data security and integrity. It also had to help them meet internal and external user needs and ISO and regulatory requirements.

The Solution

CoorsTek turned to the experts at TECHNIA to help deliver a simple, scalable approach to collaborative product development at a global level.

Using TECHNIA Value Components‘ (TVCS) Helium Interface within ENOVIA, CoorsTek were able to create simplified and intuitive UIs for a range of different use cases in one system, and develop customized features tailored to their unique business requirements. Together, we achieved this without needing to modify any base ENOVIA code. This solution enables efficient working across multiple plants and the successful analysis of global plant activity.

The Results

The TECHNIA approach enabled a simplified user experience through customized UI views tailored to specific use cases, from new and unique roles and customized workflows to periodic document review and approval and real-time maintenance reporting accessible to management teams. All of this was achieved without having to modify base ENOVIA code.

The solution received a very positive global user response and enabled CoorsTek to crystallize their model plant vision.

Want to Know More About TVCs?

Discover how TECHNIA Value Components can help improve user experience in your organization without any modification to base ENOVIA code! Explore our TVC product pages and watch the full CoorsTek presentation from the TECHNIA Software PLM Innovation Forum.

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