CATIA V5 PLM Express contains ‘configuration bundles’ that are mapped to industry and job-related needs. The configurations allow customers to easily define a solution that matches their business needs and provide a more economic route rather than selecting each separate module from the product suite.

CATIA Team PLM Foundation Licence: CAT3DX

Core CAT3DX module

All CATIA Express configurations are built on the core ‘CAT3DX’ module, which is available as a fully featured mechanical design seat in its own right.

Design Functionality

Design functionality includes solid, surface and assembly design, drafting and STEP translation.

Product Data Management (PDM) capability

Included via 3DEXPERIENCE which offers benefits in the areas of data organisation, search, viewing and access control within a business.

Building your CATIA V5 PLM Express configuration

Customers seeking additional functionality can add ‘configuration bundles’ to a CAT3DX seat as required. Some of the more common combinations include…

Configuration / Typical Application:

  • CAT3DX + MCE  /  Advanced mechanical design
  • CAT3DX + MCE + HDX  /  Complex surface design
  • CAT3DX + FPE   /  Sheet metal product creation
  • CAT3DX + TRE  /  Review 3D tolerances & annotations
  • CAT3DX + GAE   /  Design + Part/Assembly FEA
  • CAT3DX + MME  /  Design + Multi-Axis Machining
  • CAT + MCE + CPX   /  Composites design

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