Rely on EXALEAD to search, discover, and manage your information assets. Why? For faster, smarter decision-making, real-time unified data access, and improved productivity.

Main Features

Manage Large Volumes of Data

EXALEAD provides the ability to handle large volumes of heterogeneous data with performance and agility.

Make Your Data Work For You

Cross, reconcile and contextualize data to offer new business solutions and create new services for customers.

Smarter Decision Making

EXALEAD is reshaping the digital content landscape with a platform that uses advanced semantic technologies. This brings structure, meaning and accessibility to previously unused or under-utilised data.

Structured Building Blocks

The system collects data from virtually any source, in any format. This is transformed it into structured, pervasive, contextualised building blocks of business information that can be directly searched and queried.


With EXALEAD OnePart, engineers, managers, technicians, and procurement specialists can quickly and easily find and reuse existing parts, product designs and other related information located anywhere inside the organisation, even beyond obvious PDM and PLM repositories.

  • Reuse 2D/3D assets from legacy data immediately
  • Repurpose past designs hidden from view
  • Speed ramp-up time for new projects
  • Leverage past knowledge to enhance products
  • Reuse proven and tested designs and parts
  • Avoid last-minute design-related issues at launch

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