InUse MRM is an integrated IoT solution for OEMs who want to get more from their machines’ data and differentiate themselves with an innovative digital offering.

Why Choose InUse?

An integrated solution, ready to use

InUse integrates all the technologies needed for an IoT project: connectivity, cyber-security, cloud, algorithms, web application and more for faster implementation.

Accessible to everyone

No coding skills are needed to model the services and use the application, making it easier for you to adopt and manage in-house.

A faster return on investment

InUse is available with simple and transparent pricing per machine, allowing for better cost planning and the implementation of a sustainable business model.

How Does InUse Work?

Powered by machined data, InUse MRM strengthens the proximity between after-sales teams and factories via a white-label web application, resulting in proactive customer service, increased machine performance and new recurring revenues. Follow these steps to be successful with your InUse web application.
Organize and Connect

Smarter organization of equipment, user roles and security access

Autonomously connect your industrial equipment via an IIoT gateway (eg eWON), operated according to an MQTT protocol, or directly from a database (ODBC).

Explore and Model

Intuitive data exploration through Python notebooks

Transform your data and build algorithms without coding skills, thanks to a library of 100+ operators dedicated to industrial time series transformation.

Create and Share

Multiple content creation possibilities

Create and share content – from time series, synoptic views, alerts, dashboards, reports and more – via a fully customizable web application builder, with point and click functionality – and no web development skills required.

Harness the Power of the Industrial IoT

Digital Collaboration

Share diagnostics and recommendations collaboratively.

Smart Performance

Maintain the highest performance levels for your equipment.

Expert Machines

Give machines the power to predict future failures.

Learn more about Industrial IoT

Connect your industrial equipment and increase your after-sales revenues.

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