Provide a global development platform for project collaboration by integrating leading CAD authoring systems such as CATIA V5 and SIEMENS NX®.

Carry out change processes with the help of automated workflows. Ensure that product, and development process data is always available to your teams. Safeguard your IP with sophisticated authorization and unite all team members, business partners, and suppliers as a global development team in a single system.

Simple, Safer and More Productive

s4:manage enables simple, secure communication and storage for your documents.

Microsoft Office Integration

Proof of use and revision security included

Integration with CATIA V5 and NX

Management of all file formats and folder structures in a common team work area

Workflow Management

Joint process-oriented work through pre-configurable workflows

Search and Find

Search, find and reuse product information

Data Availability

Scalable and intelligent replication solutions

Data Exchange

Fully integrated data exchange with X4.0 & Web Portal

Unite All Team Members, Business Partners, and Suppliers

Link Your E-mails and Office Applications with CAD Design Data

Much of your organization’s product data is likely created outside your CAD designs with the help of Microsoft Office applications. All these documents can be stored in s4:manage and linked to your CAD design data. Email attachments, CAD drawings, conversations, and presentations are all safely stored in s4:manage and can be retrieved in a project-, order-, or topic-specific manner.

Automated Data Exchange

Increasingly complex organizational structures, a wide variety of workflows, increasing globalization and increasing mobility constantly create new challenges in the management and exchange of project data. X4.0 is an intelligent communication tool for collaborative project work and document filing. Eliminate time-consuming data exchange processes with the help of automated conversion and process checking, configurable notification systems, and mobile accessibility.

Company-wide Use

Connection of locations, departments, customers, suppliers and ERP systems

Connection of Locations

With the help of repository and multisite technology, s4:manage makes it possible to store data where it is needed. This saves time and resources.

Involvement of Multiple Departments

All authorized departments have direct access to released parts lists and drawings – queries to the design department are thus minimized.

Connection of ERP Systems

The exchange of information between ERP and PLM systems creates a continuous value chain. Separate data management is no longer necessary and the use of up-to-date product data is ensured company-wide.

In a Team with Customers and Suppliers

Our data exchange solution X4.0 is optionally available fully integrated in s4:manage to connect development and business processes and, if necessary, to make the entire product life cycle transparent.

s4:manage In Construction and Production

Faster and Safer in Everyday Design Work
  • Locating design and product data for everyone involved in the project.
  • Provision of data for other areas such as work preparation, purchasing or sales.
  • Automation of routine tasks, such as the automatic transfer of parts lists to the ERP system.
Execute Work Steps More Efficiently
  • Workflow management to keep processes simple, standardize, automate and run more efficiently.
  • Visual representation of your business processes.
Information with Security Everywhere
  • Visibility and further use of the drawings and 3D data even without a CAD system.
  • Access to Excel calculations, e-mails and offers with defined access rights.
  • Time-saving search functions thanks to preconfigured queries for recurring requirements and quick search for a cross-object search.

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