In the world of Industry 4.0, people, machines, equipment, systems and products communicate and cooperate with each other directly. Production processes are integrated intelligently across company boundaries to make manufacturing more efficient and flexible.

Why embrace Industrial IOT?

Early integration of all stakeholders

New business model formalization

New business practices collaboration

Diagnose the root cause of production problems

Value-creation chains

This facilitates smart value-creation chains which include all the lifecycle phases of the product – from the initial product idea and development, production, use and maintenance through to recycling. In this way, market requirements for everything from the product idea through to recycling can be considered, as well as the related services. This enables companies to produce products that are customized according to individual customer requirements more easily than before. The individual production and maintenance of products could become the new norm.

Industrial equipment

Because the industrial equipment is designed to be reliable, we have focussed our innovation on providing artificial intelligence to the equipment to detect misuse, maintenance requirements and performance deviations. The key is to easily translate all stakeholders’ expertise into statistical models of correlated sequences of events. We will guide you to build the appropriate level of data abstraction which will trigger the correct next best action every time.

Community collaboration

The equipment can request, suggest and diagnose as if it is an expert. It will also contextualize the situation in relation to the exact usage. Then community collaboration, the wisdom of crowds, will flatten the decision process and speed-up necessary actions.

Connected machines

The technological foundation is provided by intelligent, digitally networked systems that will pave the way for future self-managing production processes. Transforming connected machines’ data into tangible actions and recommendations for operators on the shop floor. Designed to deliver connected services in factories, we empower the workforce with collective intelligence to significantly improve manufacturers’ industrial performance.

We guide your company through this transformation

Our promise is to increase industrial performances by delivering valuable connected services in factories around smart maintenance. A new paradigm in which machines steers the workforce on the shop floor to the correct action thanks to a new collective intelligence. As the value delivered by manufacturers goes increasingly beyond the actual product today, selling the product’s performance through connected services will be a key differentiator in the future. We emphasize data cleansing since machines have variations in data quality thus it is essential to ensure data quality across connected machines. We guide your company through this transformation that will have a measurable positive impact on your balance sheet, through these steps:

  • Early integration of all stakeholders
  • New business model formalization
  • New business practices collaboration
  • Diagnose the root cause of production problems
  • Analyze the real behavior of your equipment in usage
  • Simulate various behaviors of the machine
  • Identify improvement axis for a higher production or a lower scrap rate
  • Simulate the value for your digital services
  • Identify missing data to deliver innovative services

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