Why are simulations often so time-consuming?

About 50 percent of a design simulation specialist’s time is spent on just preparing a simulation; converting the geometry to fit different file types, exporting those calculations to an external system, meshing parameters, and defining restraints and loads.

Depending on the complexity of the design this pre-process can take days or even weeks.

How could you accelerate the design simulation process?

If you can do the simulation already in your CAD system, via an integrated analysis tool, you’re able to cut out all the in-between steps – where a design can be processed for simulation in just a few hours. First of all, this allows the designer to be able to test an idea very early on in a project, enabling them to also try out many different variants of a design and make fast and knowledgeable decisions.

Secondly, the process of preparing a simulation becomes a whole lot easier and more accessible – designers can essentially set up some of the more uncomplicated simulations on their own since Boundary conditions are applied directly to the geometry. This means that new variants can easily be tested and the simulation specialists, who normally handle all the pre-simulation processing, can focus more on the complicated projects.

Finally, the designer will have the results back much faster to be able to get on with the post-processing. They don’t risk spending valuable time waiting to know what modifications they need to make.


Software for design and simulation

The CATIA V5 Analysis is scalable and provides realistic design simulation capability within the CATIA design environment, whether it’s for a designer FEM, engineer FEM or specialist FEM.

This means that there are no geometry transfers to be done, and there are no gateway problems, saving huge amounts of time. Once a simulation has been programmed, the analysis can be saved and be used as an analysis template where the geometry is easily modified. The accessibility also opens for the designers themselves to set up simulation tests, allowing them to quickly analyze the sustainability of their designs and make relevant modifications – without having to call in a specialist for help. The development cycles are shortened, more geometry variants can be analyzed and compared and the results come back faster. The post-processing is also carried out within the CAD environment.

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