CATIA offers a complete engineering toolset within a single working environment. Products for disciplines as diverse as Composites and Electrical design sit side by side with traditional solids, surfacing and drafting workbenches within a seamless and consistent user interface.

Main Features

Engineering Excellence

Accelerate the engineering process by 30% to 50%. Search faster, design faster, design together.

Design & Modelling

CATIA solutions cover the entire shape design, styling & surfacing workflow, from industrial design to Class A.

Systems Engineering

From systems definition through to modelling, simulation, verification and business process management.

Electric & Fluid Systems

Optimise electrical wire harness & cable system design, alongside piping, tubing & hvac system design.


On Premise or On Cloud

The CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Processes Portfolio contains over 50 Roles which support User Experiences in Design / Styling, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Fluids Engineering, Multi-Discipline Engineering and Systems Engineering.


CAD Configuration Bundles

CATIA V5 is the leading CAD software solution for the development and the definition of the complete digital product model. As a modular solution, CATIA V5 allows customers to buy as much or as little functionality as required, supporting specific user profiles and engineering disciplines.

CATIA Engineering Excellence

Getting you ready for CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE

Take advantage of 3 new CATIA V5 bundles, available now at a very attractive price. The CATIA Engineering Excellence offer brings together a large set of CATIA V5 applications, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allowing improved collaboration alongside strong CAD management capabilities.

CATIA Composer

For Technical Illustrations

CATIA Composer allows both technical and non-technical users to quickly create high quality 2D and 3D product deliverables, technical illustrations, interactive 3D experiences etc direct from leading CAD data formats (CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, IGES, SAT, STEP, STL).

CATIA Rental Solutions

Reduce Your Upfront Expenditure

Investment in software is often an expenditure that can significantly affect cash flow. Technia is pleased to offer an official Dassault Systèmes sponsored PLM Solutions software rental program, available for periods of between 3 and 12 months.

CATIA Partner Products


GeomCaliper is an innovative tool that facilitates measurement and checking of thickness on 3D models within CATIA V5 and Creo.…


The Q-Checker product family covers the complete development process, internally as well as for external suppliers.  

IMS Software

IMS Software (IMSPost, IMSverify & IMSce) adds a new level of detail to your manufacturing processes that encompass complex numerical control…

Type3 Artistic CAD/CAM Software

Type3 CAAV5 Based is based upon the Dassault Systèmes Component Application Architecture V5 (CAA) and has been developed in close…


Generate accurate representations of 2D and 3D product designs that anyone can view, mark up, and measure. Collaborate more effectively…

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