Connected Manufacturing Documentation & Structuring

Simple & Accurate

Easy-to-use web client with 3D visualization reduces the time for deployment and provides the user with a more accurate representation of the MBOM

Streamline Processes

Automatically generate the Manufacturing BOM out of engineering structure ergonomics


Efficiently manage completion, re-organization, and update of the MBOM by using user-friendly and smart commands

Comprehensive Management

Supports Change Management and Configuration Management

Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM) Made Simple

Define, Manage, & Update Directly from 3D Design Data
Manufacturing Items Manager Benefits
  • Readily view and compare MBOM objects alongside engineering data
  • Update MBOM items in alignment with the product structure
  • Easily apply MBOM data to other digital manufacturing applications such as process planning, ergonomics, fabrication, or robotics
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Customizable user interface to view data alongside other relevant information, such as Change Management data
Key Manufacturing Items Manager Features
  • Create your MBOM from an existing product structure, from a template, or from scratch
  • Create your organization's custom Manufactured Items Structure
  • Easily manage and report on relationships between engineering & manufacturing changes
  • Make informed decisions on manufacturing alternatives based on readily available part and assembly data
  • Simply export your complete MBOM structure in XML format for use in downstream processes

MBOM Creation in a Widget

Manufactured Items Manager
Define, Compare, Manage, and Update your MBOM

MFN is a web-based widget that authors the Manufactured Items Structure using the 3D Product Structure as input, allowing it to be used throughout Engineering, Manufacturing, and Production.

  • Simple & Accurate
  • Streamline Processes
  • User-Friendly
  • Comprehensive Management
Digitalization for Sustainable Product Development & Manufacture

In this webinar, Andre Jonsson demonstrates the Manufactured Items Manager (MFN) – a web widget to help simplify MBOM management and the transfer of data from engineering to manufacturing.

  • Dashboard Guide
  • 3D Viewer
  • Manufacturing Items Structure
  • Product Structure

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