Consumers play a key role in the Home & Lifestyle industry, constantly demanding new products to fit their changing needs. They know what they want, and they want it fast. Growing focus on delivering more eco-friendly products sets parameters that production companies must stand up to, putting pressure on the full product life cycle and the supply chain.​

How can PLM help companies keep up with the increasing demand for both personalised choices and improved sustainability? ​

What Can PLM Do for Your Business?

Sports & Leisure Goods

Consumers expect good performance and quality from their sports goods, toys, games, musical instruments and more. Being able to reduce material costs and optimise production efficiency is the key to bringing relevant products to market successfully.​

Furniture & Home Goods

The demand for innovative products within the Furniture and Home Goods segment is high. In order to stay competitive, the design process needs to be flexible and products developed by optimising the supply chain.​


With today’s changing consumer behaviour and growing options for purchase points, Retail businesses face a challenging battle to gain the consumer’s attention.​

Fashion & Luxury Goods

Fluctuating seasonal trends and high customer demand, as well as strict regulations, are some of the main challenges to attract consumers’ choice in the Fashion & Luxury Goods segment.​

TECHNIA can help navigate a rapidly changing market

Customers play a key role in the Home & Lifestyle industry.

The increasing customer demand for sustainable and green products has created new pressure for companies to deliver more eco-friendly products at the same pace.​

Keeping up with increasingly stringent government regulations requires complex business processes and traceability procedures to be implemented.​

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Progressive Home & Lifestyle manufacturers realise that Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions will address the challenges of facing shorter product life cycles and faster speed to market.

That’s why TECHNIA have over 30 years of experience supplying and supporting PLM solutions within industry-leading Home & Lifestyle companies.​

What is PLM?

Make your ideas come to life, and stay in control every step of the way.

With a PLM system you can manage the entire product lifecycle – from design, development, and production, to disposal or recycling. With a PLM solution, you can create an immersive 3D design and virtual testing environment that mimics the real world. Cut design time up to 50 percent, material and design costs 30 to 50 percent, and virtually eliminate costly recalls and quality incidents.

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