In the global development process, data exchange is getting more important every day. Complex file sets are sent from cooperating development departments to other companies worldwide.

Main Features

Optimal target group approach, alongside an increase in sales figures 

More marketing potential with minimal effort, through numerous vertical marketplaces 

Products are presented in a way that is easy to understand for customers 

Optimal presentation of the products through intelligent and high-quality 3D CAD models

Simple creation of an electronic product catalogue, considering corporate design 

Easy configuration of complex products

Construction Data

Construction data, such as drawings, assemblies and parts are related, links define their connection. Sending and receiving data requires a lot of time to verify if the file sets are complete, if all linked objects are included. For huge data structure, this is a timely and costly procedure, causing a lot of unnecessary communication.

How it Works

XFileV5 guides the file-based data exchange between different design and data management environments. While sending data it ensures that the container is complete, when receiving data it lists any embedded and missing data. A user interface guides users through the interactive mode, the batch mode is suitable for an automated data exchange integration.

Sending & Receiving


  • A user selects one root document
  • All required documents are zipped into one container file
  • An XML-file describing the structure is added


  • Verify if incoming data is complete
  • Root documents, linked and missing documents are listed
  • A user can load in CATIA right away or load to disc


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